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Three Factions of the CIA that Control the World -- The Legal Framework for Secret Control

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(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Over the past 150 years, a series of legal policies were enacted to give control of the U.S. over to nefarious corporate interests. This process began, in earnest, after the passage of the Organic Act in 1871. Later, more policies were codified via acts of congress that effectively made the citizenry of a nation the enemies of the state, such as the National Defense Authorization Act and the Patriot Act.

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With the vast majority of the population of Earth considered enemies, a "peacetime" agency needed to be created to surveil the people to maintain control for the state. A whole host of insidious programs and organizations were created for this purpose, such as the Tavistock Institute, NSA, and of course, the CIA. 

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The following article describes latter-day developments of this mechanism of control. The powers that be lull the masses into a state of complacency by hiding information like what is contained below. Despite the fact this information can be disturbing, it is essential to understand so the illusions of society can be dispelled, along with it, the false sense of contentment that prevents righteous uprising can be removed. 
- Justin

(the Anonymous PatriotsEvery American is a target in the CIA’s domestic espionage war whether they know it or not. The bullets are digital and only a key stroke away from being fired at you.

New Edward Snowden Interview: History Of Intelligence Agencies And The Surveillance State

(Activist PostOn January 15th, acTVism Munich hosted a live video conference called “Freedom & Democracy – Global Issues in Context” which featured a live interview with Edward Snowden, among other notable activists, whistleblowers and experts in various fields.

The Planetary Awakening and How You Are Part of the Solution

(Paul A PhilipsIn the quest for global domination the powers that be and their associates have had to build up layer upon layer of deception to control the human race, which only goes to show that they cannot enslave us through outright overt aggression alone.

Facebook Negatively Affects Mood and Well-Being, Studies Reveal

(Dr. Joseph Mercola) Every month, 1.65 billion people actively use the social media site Facebook. On average, each user spends 50 minutes using the site daily, which doesn’t sound like that much until you consider it’s more time than is spent on any other leisure activity except for watching TV.[1] In the U.S., Americans spend just 19 minutes, on average, reading each day and just 17 minutes on exercise, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.[2] So the nearly one hour spent on Facebook is significant; it’s about the same amount of time spent eating and drinking (just over one hour).

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Undercover Journalists Expose Plot To Shut Down D.C. During Inauguration

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(Aaron Kesel) In a new Project Veritas video, James O’Keeffe and his team expose a plot across the U.S. to disrupt the entire District of Columbia—including its rail lines and highways—during President-elect Trump’s inauguration.

World Braces For Inauguration Madness

(James Corbett) Welcome to New World Next Week – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. The world braces for potential craziness at the inauguration.

The Draco’s Secret War Against American Goyim -- Secret Space War XVI

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(Stillness in the Storm Editor) The following is one part in an article series discussing the Draco or reptilian forces that have interfered with human affairs for most of human history, so it is claimed. I cannot confirm if every point provided is accurate, however, there is much provided below that is worthy of consideration. 

Although the article is from 2014, there is a wealth of information that is still of great value as it discusses how these extraterrestrial overlords interact with their human cohorts on Earth. The idea of a secret space war, has been brought forward by other insiders since this article was originally published, suggesting some of the assertions below were corroborated after the fact. 

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- Justin

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Listen to "The Draco’s Secret War Against American Goyim -- Secret Space War XVI" on Spreaker.

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by Preston James, April 21, 2014

Bait and switch: World Zionists (WZs) labeling Khazarian Imposters “Descendents of Abraham”.
alien-alpha-draconian3World Zionists (WZs) have labeled Khazarian Imposters as the real “Descendents of Abraham” in order to form a tyrannical Racial Delusion and Criminal Conspiracy against those they wrongly believe are “American Goyim”.
And WZs have also done this against all those who are the actual descendents of Abraham including Arabs and Palestinians.

Full Update | Benjamin Fulford -- January 16th 2017: Will it be World War or World Government as Trump Presidency Approaches

(Stillness in the Storm Editor) Benjamin Fulford's report from January 16th, 2017 has been updated. Click here to read the full report. 

This post serves as a notice that the original has been updated. In the above link, scroll down to where it says:

[Below is the remaining portion of Fulford's update this week]

The change in world power can be seen by the diminished influence of the plutocrats gathered last week in Davos, Switzerland. The only major leader to attend this year was Chinese President Xi Jinping and this may not have been a good move on his part, Pentagon sources say. “As Xi attends Davos, cabal operatives [German Prime Minister Angela] Merkel and bibi [Netanyahu] bow out as Trump refuses to attend to avoid meeting Xi who may also be purged and replaced with a clone,” the Pentagon sources say. NSA and gnostic illuminati sources both claim Xi reports to Evelyn de Rothschild and is not a genuine, independent Chinese leader. Since the Rothschilds are losing power, their proxies around the world are being replaced, the sources say. This has already happened with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, CIA sources in Asia note. Asian Secret Society sources, for their part, insist Xi is independent and reports to nobody but his colleagues in the Chinese government.

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